Susan -

Your account is credited for completing a Cash Survey as soon as the Advertiser reports the survey was successfully completed to DailyRewards®. 

An email or pop-up notification is automatically sent to you when your account is credited. 

If crediting has not yet been applied it is because we have not been notified that the survey was successfully completed or the reporting from the advertiser has not reported the credit.

Please refer to the following for crediting terms for each of the different surveys:

Daily Cash Surveys: Credits can appear on your account in 30 minutes or less or in 1-2 business days and are dependent on the survey provider. 

Daily surveys available from our "Cash Survey" page on the website and if you do need crediting assistance, please be sure to have the survey ID available.

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    Maria Centonze

    Hey! I just completed a long survey about the stores where I shopped in the last 4 weeks and I also rated the survey, but I didn't get any incentive. I just was redirected to another survey.
    That's not fair!
    Please credit me what promised.
    Thank you.