Bounce-Back Errors / Cancelled Accounts

Susan -

A "bounce-back error" is an error message we receive back from you/your Email Provider, that indicates we could not deliver the email to you.  When this happens, we are required to deactivate your account to put a hold on future mailings, or we will not be in compliance.

Since the information included in a bounce-back error message is limited, and since it originates from your email address, we cannot tell you the exact reason your Email Provider returned this error.  However, some of the common reasons are:

  1. Our email address is not in your address book/allow list, and consequently refused either by your junk filter settings or your Email Provider's filter settings.
  2. Your email inbox is full and therefore cannot accept new emails.
  3. The email address you provided us with is not valid.
  4. One of our emails was marked as Spam.

Whenever we receive a bounce-back error, this signifies that you are either unable to receive the emails we are sending, or do not want to receive them.  As stated, your account is then deactivated through the system to prevent further emails from being sent to your address.  Please note that a bounce-back error automatically triggers deactivation of your account in our system, so that we are in compliance with email providers.  Also, this is industry standard.

You are welcome to reactivate your account by requesting and confirming the new confirmation email.  Full instructions can be found in the article "How do I Reactivate my Account?"

Please see Wikipedia's definition for more information:

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    Your system does not accept a Canadian postal code. Why?

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    I have the exact same problem.
    I am submitting my postal code and it says “please enter a valid postal code”

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    Mike Main

    fucked up site delete my account cock suckers

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    I mistakenly input the wrong postal code and im having trouble changing it

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    Negar Azarnejad

    I can not activate my Amazon Voucher! Which is everything is with the same information and email etc..
    What should I do now?