How to request payment

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DailyRewards now offers Gift Cards and PayPal!


To request payment, click the Account link from the top of the account page or the Request Payment link from the activities page. mceclip0.png


Make sure to update and validate your full name, mailing address, and Email Address. DailyRewards offers it's members the payment method from PayPal and Gift Cards! 

Gift cards

Will be shown as available to you on the account page.



If you forgot  your Password- use the handy link located on the page to reset by using the FORGOT PASSWORD link.


All payment payments but be a verified PayPal account.

It's easy to verify but all steps must be followed in order to complete the verification process with PayPal per PayPal requirements.

1. Please be sure your DailyRewards account information  such as; full name, street address and email address match exactly to your PayPal account.

2. It is also required that your PayPal account is verified.

This includes:

  • Verifying your PayPal account consist of linking a bank account to your PayPal account, or
  • Be approved for PayPal Smart Connect, or
  • Be approved for the the PayPal Plus MasterCard®

If you have trouble completing PayPal verification, please contact PayPal directly to help troubleshoot on your behalf.


Please enter in your DailyRewards Password on the Request Payment page to finalize the request process.



It's that EASY!"

Make sure to have your current physical address listed in the your member profile or at the time you make your payment request so should we need to validate your account in order to process your payment we have current and valid information for you!

To update your name, address and information:

You can find more information on PayPal and how to create an account at

If you have not received your payment, click on "My Account" and "My Profile" and scroll down to "Payment History" to ensure your payment was processed. If so, please allow 3-5 business days for processing of funds from DailyRewards to Paypal to you to occur.

You will receive a confirmation email with date of expected processing date when you request a payment from DailyRewards

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    Mitchell Mageean

    my paypal account is under my wife's name with my email address. it would not allow me to process the reward. i opened a new paypal account under my name but it would not allow me to use the same email address so I had to use my alternate email address. since the alternate email address doe not match my email address with this account, it would still not allow me to process it. i tried updating my email address in my profile to my alternate email but it would not make the change, it keeps going back to my original email address. i also had issues with it recognizing by password yesterday & again today & had to reset my password both days..

  • Avatar
    Melanie Richard

    i did it before but now it dosnt work i try to request my paiement whit paypal and i cant doit now and i dont know why

  • Avatar

    Every survey I fill out I never qualify for
    Where as when I started it was good it is frustrating now to keep going through surveys and never get through and actually paid. Please pay me out what I have earned on an Amazon credit and I will be happy with that!

  • Avatar

    I finished on the solitaire game to level 14 where the fuck is my 15$

  • Avatar
    Freya Mikaelson

    I finished on the solitaire game until level 11 where the is my $10??

  • Avatar
    Permanently deleted user

    They just do not want to pay it should be against the law these practices. My password works fine for their interests but all of a sudden invalid password when redeeming and they just ignore after doing surveys for month for 30 dollars. maybe better bussiness might help but i doubt it.

  • Avatar

    this is the second time i'm asking where is my gift card

  • Avatar

    Yes i did the harvest solitaire passed the required level within the 7 days but ja e never been credited with accomplishing it

  • Avatar
    Theodore A. Labay

    At the beginning when I started, I had up or about the amount that I can get cash thru the mail, but now the site have changed their plan and changed to cards, I am so disappointed and confused on how to get the card.

  • Avatar
    Edna Thomas

    Why is everyone having the same problem with DailyRewards? I have been trying to crash out $30 to my PayPal account to no avail. People who took surveys are not fools. Of course they have their PayPal account in good standing to transfer their aviable points from DailyRewards to their PayPal account. For some reason DailyRewards look as if they are making it very hard for us to transfer our cash to PayPal. I am was with Branded Survey and I cash out my points just like ABC. Please you all try Branded Survey. They are very good.

  • Avatar
    Gerrit Witteveen

    My pay pal account has the same details as Daily Rewards...error message comes up my accounts do not match...hmm, seems all are having the same problem...

  • Avatar
    Antoinette Hylton

    I cannot change my email address to match my account as it keeps giving me and error message. How can I get this done to redeem?

  • Avatar
    Denise C Welz

    have been trying to cash out via Pay Pal for sometime now, does not work, always error message. Pay Pal has worked with other online surveys, just not Daily Rewards. Maybe they don't actually ever pay out!

  • Avatar
    Frieda Faye George

    I don't think my request to redeem payment works, as it doesn't show up on my request for payment to you. Help!!!???

  • Avatar
    Paulette Landry

    My PayPal account is certified and in good standard but your site needs updating as I just seen on a different page that it needs $50 earn before redeeming for PayPal instead of $30.

  • Avatar
    Cassadi Pryor

    I'm having some trouble with redeeming to paypal. The emails are the same and I confirmed my phone number so I'm not understanding what the issues are

  • Avatar

    I have trouble for redeem to paypal i have 4 or 5 different surveys i have and daily rewards dont me my money i have over 100dollars to refund

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  • Avatar
    Shawn McAra

    I played slotastic and didn’t get my reward

  • Avatar
    Sandra Klubi

    Hello there, I was trying write a tickle but I kept running in circles. But I've followed your step to redeem some money to my paypal but I'm not even getting a confirmation that it'll be process in 4-5 business days. Like I used to get thank email for redeem my money. So, I don't if my request have gone through or not. Is there a problem I don't know about?

  • Avatar
    Nicole Labelle

    It won't let me enter my postal code said it was wrong