I cancelled the offer - can I still be credited?

Susan -

Always review the Offer Trial terms/description to know how crediting works.

Some advertisers may not provide credit if you cancel immediately after signing up for the free trial without even taking the opportunity to receive their product/service so you could evaluate it.

You should not complete a Cash Offer just to receive your reward if you have no plans to continue using the advertiser's product or service beyond the free trial.

The idea behind DailyRewards is to reward our members for trying products and services from our advertisers.

Our members benefit because they learn about new products and services and are rewarded for doing so, and our advertisers benefit because they generate a new customer for a fixed cost.

Unless the Cash Offer description specifically states that you must remain past the free trial in order to be credited, then you will receive credit from DailyRewards for signing up for the free trial.

Credits may be reversed on your account if you return purchased items or cancel offers after joining. More information is available in Terms and Conditions.

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    Brian D'Arcy

    What does exceeded the number of validation attempts mean. Not able to use phone verification to gain access to special offers. Would like to solve this problem. Thank You.

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    Been filling surveys for days now and the money did not go up at all. It is a waste of my time

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    Keep doing surveys,At the end it says problem with url,It's happened on atleast 10 with no pay,Completed,I do allot of surveys,And about to go somewhere else,Since they won't help.

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