What are surveys?

Susan -

Companies rely on market research to make decisions about the products and services they develop.

The purpose of DailyRewards Cash Surveys is to reward you, the consumer, for providing your valuable opinion.

In addition, you get to influence the products and services of tomorrow.

DailyRewards does not create or manage the surveys as this is done by the survey provider directly.

Any qualification requirement or management of survey access is strictly determined by the Survey provider and is independent of DailyRewards.

Honest answers to survey and profile questions are vital to the integrity of the research process. We, and our clients, depend on factual information in order to make decisions about products, services and advertising — decisions that affect consumers like you.

Please take your time and provide thoughtful and honest answers to profile and survey questions.

Providing inaccurate or dishonest information or “speeding through surveys” may limit your eligibility to participate in future surveys.

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