Password Reset

Susan -

To retrieve your password, first log out of your DailyRewards account by clicking on the "Logout" link located in the top right corner of the website, and then click "Yes, Log Out". 

Once you have logged out, you will be automatically directed back to our sign in page.  Below the field where you are asked to enter your password, there is a link called "Forgot your Password?". 

Click this link and follow the instructions to have a password reset email sent to the email address associated with your DailyRewards account.  

Note:  You will need access to the email address you have currently listed with us to reset your password.  Since your password is encrypted for your security, there is not a way for us to retrieve or reset your password.   Therefore, it is very important that you retain your password in case you are for any reason unable to access your current email address.

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    Theresa Chianelli

    Stop sending me emails. I forgot my password and no longer interested. Your emails are becoming annoying and I’m dealing with Cancer

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    Hi need help resset pass word i receive thé link change password but when i log in says no math password and email