How to be sure payment is processed

Susan -

In order to receive your payment on time your account must remain active.

To remain active, and eligible to receive a payment, you must continue to participate in our site after requesting payment. Failing to do so could result in your account becoming inactive. 

If you do not visit your account while logged in or confirm a PaidEmail® at least once in the 10 days before your payment is set to process, your account is considered inactive, and your payment request is removed. 

Your earnings are not affected, however, you will need to request your payment again.

When payments are processed the payments are sent only to members with an active account.

To view your pending and completed payment requests, click the "My Account" tab and then select “Payment History”.

If you no longer see your pending payment request in the Payment History, and your payment was not processed, it was probably removed because your account became inactive.

Some reasons as to why your payment was not processed could be:

  • You did not remain active on the account from the time the payment request was made until the date the payment was to process
  • DailyRewards received a Bounce-Back notification when we attempted to send you an email
  • Your account was closed due to violation of terms


If you have any questions regarding your payment feel free to contact a LiveChat agent who will review your account with you and if necessary will forward your inquiry to Accounting for further assistance.

*Note: Accounting department is available Monday - Friday 8am-4pm (CST) to review review your inquiry.

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    Joanna Siebiesiuk

    When you click at "My account" there is no such button like “Payment History”, where I can find it then I have no idea

  • Avatar
    Joanna Siebiesiuk

    I am asking because I asked for payment and received email that my payment is being processed, but I wanted to check what is going on with my request, but like I said above I am clicking on My Account and I can't see at all Payment History, please advice where to find it and secondly how long it will take to process my request, thank you I hope I will get answers on my email

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    Yolanda Woywitka

    My Amazon account was to have been credited of $30.00 as payment. I have not yet received the confirmation gift card no. from Daily Rewards and that was several months ago. How can I apply to my Amazon order without the gift card no. from Daily Rewards?

  • Avatar
    Ignacio Ramirez

    I need help please!
    Try to move $30 to my paypal account and it does not work.
    My PayPal account is the same.
    Please advice!!!!!

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    Luis Paz

    in my case there are 2 offers that have not been credited.

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    Drago Stefanic

    Gosh , get your act together , simple, when I take time to fill out a survey , which I totally focus on to provide the most accurate/honest answers. I EXPECT TO BE CREDIT FOR MY EFFORT , if that is not possible . I respectfully inform you , that I will depart . Hopefully , you will have the respect to look into this matter as soon as possible ! Trusting you shall respond to me in a timely manner . Thank you for your anticipated response. Side note , this is the 3rd. time that no credits/points were awarded. GOSH , that is how you quickly loose your valuable members !!!!!!

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    Bonnie Evetts

    Have I been scammed all these years?? I have been trying to contact you for months. I tried changing a forgotten password with no success. I finally received an email asking me to get my reward and I'll be %#* if I can successfully get into my paypal account?? In this email I was also informed taht I haven't been participating therefore I lose my reward. I have been receiving your emails on a regular basis and I always do what you want!@! The most recent was yesterday! What do you mean by stating I haven't been active!! Is this your way out of paying me what I supposedly have earned?? By the looks of your other participants' comments they are as frustrated as I am! Coincidence? I think not!!! Please respond ASAP

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    i haven't seen my gift card why

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    Pritpal Singh Uppal

    i want to cash my Daily rewards of over $31. i can not log into my paypal account. i have been using the same email when i cashed my rewards before. my email is. will you please look into it buy i can not cash my rewards. THANKS

  • Avatar
    Roger Cote

    120$ Pending ??? Still waiting......

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    My rewards are not adding up