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Please note, if you are located outside of Canada you may be limited to some activities as our site is geared towards Canadian Residents due to our Canadian Advertisers.

If you are located outside of the Canada you can create an account but you may be limited to the activities available to you - your member page will provide you with what is currently available. For individuals living in the United States our sister site, InboxDollars® might be a better fit for you!

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    Why i dont have to access to my money with paypal you says to me have a moblie telepĥone and i have a telephone number and he says my access is not avalaible.

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    Carole Gallant

    I try change my phone number I change my phone because his brok I have a new number 5068003675 my old number is 2840944please remove a number just put my new number because I can’t take my rewards I want my money I let’s mores message you don’t change I try a month I never cant take my rewards I try to make a surveys I can’t do nothing I feel sad I would like make much surveys

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    Martin Rainville

    I did Borrowell offer a month ago and I didnt received any rewards I also play club vegas, I received the first 2 or 3 rewards now I am lvl 171 since a month, that means I didnt received lvl 121 and lvl 161 rewards can you please check it out.

    Edited by Martin Rainville