Where is my PayPal payment?

Susan -

If your account is active and your Payment History shows payment was processed (My Profile Tab) then it may be with your money transfer to PayPal.

Your PayPal™ payment is processed directly from DailyRewards™to PayPal™, and should arrive to you within 3-5 business days from processing date.

Information regarding your PayPal account or payment receipt will require you to contact PayPal™ directly.  https://www.paypal.com/home

In the meantime, you can check your Profile in your DailyRewards™® account to ensure you have the correct PayPal™ email address on record. If it has been longer than 5 days from your Payment Processing date, please use our Live Help feature and chat with a live assistance or contact PayPal for more information.

Note: Once payment has been released to PayPal™, DailyRewards™ is not able to assist with your individual PayPal account information.

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    Aaron Walter Jules

    AaronJules@A1jules/pay me.
    I am requesting a payment. Or julesaaron9@gmail.com I have a bonafide PayPal account.

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    Aaron Walter Jules

    Hello. My PayPal account is verified. Pay me out.

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    Ivanka Ivanka Stoeva

    Hello. My PayPal account is verified.I weit for my payment!

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    Virgilio Tumbaga

    Where is my payment from Star Casino, I already achieved the task and 7 days have passed and I got no notification. I don't see any reliability in your gig.

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    Luis Paz

    for me they simply looked to the other side , they own me about 120$ i sent them the payment prove and the date and they simply said that they are not responsible for that because this ste did not registered my profile clicking at the ad they have. can you believe that?
    anyways. this site is going down ...

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    Lisa Berry

    Everything from this account matches up 100% to my PayPal account, so cash out my 50$ already! Its been weeks of non stop nonsense