Qualifying for Surveys

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You are welcome to qualify for and complete one survey per day from each Survey Provider on the Cash Surveys page. To qualify for Cash Surveys, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the “Cash Surveys” link in the member navigation menu and then the “Take Surveys” button on that page.  Note:  You can attempt to qualify for a survey once per day for EACH Survey Provider listed on that page.
  2. Answer the qualifying questions for the particular Survey Provider.  Note:  This page is NOT a Cash Survey — they are qualifying questions only.
  3. The Survey Provider will attempt to match you with an available survey. If an open survey that requires your demographics is available, you will be directed to that survey.
  4. Complete the Cash Survey and get paid!

The probability of qualifying for a Cash Survey depends entirely upon the surveys that are available and what demographics are required for those surveys.

While DailyRewards® works diligently to have as many surveys as possible available, we cannot control how often you will qualify for a Cash Survey.

Note:  After you have qualified for and started a Cash Survey, it is possible for you to be subsequently disqualified. All Cash Surveys include disqualifying questions which will disqualify respondents if certain answers are given. You must entirely complete a Cash Survey without being disqualified in order to receive credit from DailyRewards®.

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    Why I can't access to more surveys?

    thanks lillian